The role of employee counselling and wellness in organization

The employees are the true blessing of every organization. Employees are the ones who come ups with effectively and efficiently towards the organization’s success. They work hard to provide their level best and achieve their duties within the specific time period. So, if an organization want to run successfully then the organization wants to consider about the well-being of each and every employee. Not only physical well-being but also mental well-being is also considered.

The role of employee counselling and wellness in organization

When employees face work stress or family life stress it will directly impact on employee’s performance. When they are suffering from this kind of stress managers or supervisors want to identify it early and try to solve their stress level, providing employees counselling is the best way to overcome these types of problems. The supervisor can use counselling to give comfort to the troubled employee. Counselling is a behavioural control technique used by the supervisor to solve employees’ problems. An employee should be counselled when he/she has personal problems affecting their job performance. Counselling is a process through which a counsellor helps an ill employee through purposeful conversation in an understanding atmosphere. In this process where two people meet to discuss issues and identify solutions.

The Need for counselling

There are several signs it will help recognize troubled employees, some of those are,

  • Sudden change in behaviour.
  • Reduce production level
  • Waste and workplace accidents increase
  • Feeling irritability
  • Not concentrating on work properly
  • Excessive drinking

When a supervisor or co-worker identified these types of signs within employees then they should want to recommend counselling for them

There are several methods of employee counselling, such as,

  1. Desensitization > evidence-based therapy
  2. Catharsis > Discharge of emotional tensions
  3. Insights > dimensions of understanding about someone or something
  4. Developing new patterns > helps to increase the level of self-confidence

Counselling employees play a crucial role in any organization because keeping the employee focused is vital to the individual’s performance and the overall organization’s performance.

If employees face personal problems that will result very badly in many ways. So, when providing successful counselling programmes can help the organization to go ahead in a better way

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