Training of Evaluators in the Workplace

In each and every organization there are several evaluators. Evaluators’ role is evaluating their employees. So, if an evaluator is perfect then the evaluation process will be a success. For evaluation purposes, first evaluators (trainers) have to be evaluated. So that they can enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude. Evaluator training is a systematic process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of evaluators by improving competency.

Training of Evaluators in the workplace

Some authors have suggested that evaluation skills develop from their birth. When they become adult their evaluation skills may also develop when people developed time to time they gain experience, they got an education all of these enhances the evaluation skills

However, training of evaluators is important part in organization. There are several evaluator training methods. Those are,

  1. Lectures – Lecture method is a face-to-face method. The lecturer gives instructions, Materials to trainees. It involves speaking, Listening and etc.
  2. Case Study Method – It refers to that audience are given real or hypothetical case studies. After that audience read the case and write the solutions to the case.
  3. Role Play – Different employees may take different roles in an organization. In the training context a same person may take different roles at a time. When taking different roles an employee may have training in multi areas
  4. Program Instruction – It refers to that employees are motivated by self-study. Study materials provides to employees and those people have to read and understand to get a training aspect
  5. Courses – there are two types of courses
    • Generic Course > It’s general for all employees and jobs
    • Specific Course > Different person to person and jobs to jobs

So, when evaluators train by one of these methods it will help to remove evaluator errors. Such as

  • halo error
  • central tendency
  • recency error
  • harshness error
  • leniency error
  • personal prejudice

For this matter, evaluators should be trained before they are going to evaluate others

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