Workplace Induction to the newcomers

Workplace induction is a programme which helps new workers to adapt quickly to their new work environment and it helps them to become effective in their work quick as possible. It is the first step in the career of any employee who recruits for the organization. By getting workplace induction, a new employee can establish a long-term relationship with the organization and commitment and contribution will be more to the department.

Workplace Induction to the new comers

Workplace induction can be provided to newcomers in three main ways. They are as follows,

  1. Personal induction
  2. Training Department
  3. Unit

When an organization provides induction to a new employee in a good manner, both the organization and the employee get various benefits

Benefits for the organization

  1. The new employee gets used to working independently in the organization within a short period of time.
  2. The newly recruited employee will be willing to contribute to the development of the department more quickly.
  3. The organization will be able to demonstrate how much value it has given to its new employees.
  4. New people are able to learn about the systematic ways to make the department’s work better.
  5. The newcomer and the organization will feel better and relax after finishing the induction.

Benefit for the newcomers

  1. When the organization gives induction to its newcomers, they are automatically motivated.
  2. Able to gain recognition and acceptance from co-workers in the same department as well as in other departments.
  3. Able to reduce work-related anxiety that occurs when a new employee joins the organization.
  4. Employee can feel occupational security and safety.
  5. New employees can also gain self-respect.

Thus, when the organization provides induction in an excellent manner and provides various benefits to the organization and employees, sometimes the organization may face various consequences by conducting induction in an improper manner. They are as follows,

  1. Increase in employee turnover rate and recruitment cost
  2. Damage to the organization’s reputation
  3. The company will have problems to find good-quality recruits
  4. Decline in the quality of work carried out in the organization
  5. Increase in the rate of errors committed by employees in the organization
  6. Unnecessary training period is extended to employees of proper induction is not provided by the organization
  7. Establishment of unproductive working practices

Given below are some reasons for poor induction even when the organization is facing such different types of outcomes

  1. Management is not ready to provide more time for the induction programme.
  2. Fear of not being able to answer staff questions in the best possible way.
  3. Considering that the new employees recruited by the organization already have experience.
  4. The company is negligent to its new employees.
  5. Provide more reading manuals to the staff during the induction programme.
  6. Organizational management decides that the new employee will perform in the organization without providing any training.
  7. The organization believes that the newly recruited employees can get their training with the help of other employees.

When management considers about these reasons for poor induction and when they reduced these errors and if they make better induction programme, then their employees will be a better employees in the organization

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